CRO Electrical, CCTV Alarms Installer, Flintshire.

CCTV & Intruder Alarms

CRO Electrical, Intruder Alarms Installer, Deeside.

CCTV and alarm systems are installed using leading brand quality products, offering peace of mind that properties and business premises are secure.

Video Intercom & Door Entry Access

CRO Electrical, video intercome and door entry systems, Flintshire.

We offer a wide variety of solutions for the home or commercial premises. From video doorbells to full intercom systems allowing you to monitor your home remotely (via smartphone app) or your workplace/commercial building anytime, anywhere.

Domestic Use: Check on your family, children and pets 24/7, communiate with visitors, check for deliveries and establish safety around the home.

Commercial Use: Several options available including video surveillance systems, alarm systems, entrance and exit systems, and access control systems to monitor and control who enters your business premises and where people are to improve safety and management efficiency.

Remote access to systems is vital in today's market - all our installations offer the ability to be accessed 24/7 via phone, tablet or desktop/laptop computer systems.

Equipment demonstrations can be arranged prior to purchase with cameras set up to allow visualisation of optimal positions for coverage, catering for all situations.

We regularly keep abreast of new technology which includes networking with some of the best technical people in the industry - access to this vast bank of knowledge helps us better meet a wider variety of needs. Please call to discuss any requirements that you may have.